Picture Goes Viral: Can You Spot What's Wrong With It? (Photo)


A photo posted to Twitter went viral and sparked a social media-wide conversation about etiquette.

The photo, shared on Twitter by a woman named Ibi from Atlanta, shows a man and a woman walking down a sidewalk, with the caption, “I'm sure half of you guys don't even know what's wrong with this picture,” alongside it.

After San Diego radio station 91-X got wind of the post when it began to get retweeted, it challenged men to try to figure out what exactly was wrong with it.

“This pic is getting a lot of discussions going. Guys, do you know what is wrong here?” the station asked.

The answer, as it turns out, lies in the side of the street the man was walking on, Independent Journal Review reports. According to a 1922 "Emily Post" chapter on etiquette, the man should always walk curbside while escorting a woman down the street.

Modern Gentleman Magazine echoed the rule, saying that walking on the side of the street closest to the curb was proper etiquette for men and protects women from “unpleasantness.”

Another portion of "Emily Post" seemed to argue that either side of the street was acceptable for women to walk on.

“(I)t used to be that a man escorting a woman on the street walked on the inside so that if waste were thrown out a window it would hit him and not her," the excerpt reads. "Then when sanitation became recognized as important and people stopped tossing their waste into the street, custom changed and a man escorting a woman walked on the street side to keep her from being splashed by mud thrown up by carriage wheels or horses’ hooves.

“Technology has paved our streets and replaced carriages as the primary source of travel," the excerpt continues, "eliminating the danger of splashing on all but rainy, slushy days, so men once again might walk on the inside, particularly at night in dangerous neighborhoods…”

Do you think this particular approach to proper gentlemanly etiquette applies in this day and age?

Sources: IJReview, Modern Gentleman Magazine

Photo Credit: Twitter via IJReview,

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