New Mom Who Just Returned To Work Gets Surprising Note From One Of Her Customers (Photo)

A waitress in North Carolina got a shocking note from a customer after taking a break to use a breast pump and prepare milk for her newborn twins at home. 

Kelsey Vetter, a server at Lone Star Steakhouse in Mount Airy, North Carolina, took to Facebook to vent after receiving the rude note from customers who shamed her for taking a break to prepare milk for her babies. 

“The tea is nasty & thank your manager for waiting on us,” the note read. 

Vetter took aim at the customer’s passive aggressive note in her post.

“To the girl who left this for me tonight, and didn't tip,” she wrote. “I apologize for the tea being "nasty" (the tea that you asked for a to-go cup in order to take it with you). All you had to do is let me know, and I could have fixed the problem. But you didn't."

"Also, I DID thank my manager for watching my section, and as you said 'waiting on you' for the 20 minutes I had to step away to pump because I am a new mother of two 13-week-old girls whom I breastfeed," she added. 

Vetter went on to explain that she didn’t feel it was necessary to “warn” her table that she was taking a few minutes to breastfeed and that somebody else would be taking over until she returned. 

“There are laws that give breastfeeding women the right to break from their job to pump,” she expressed. “Not everyone knows this, but it is important. It's important to understand that it is the only way that some babies eat. So to the girl who left this, I hope that in the future you might consider the big picture instead of just being rude and ignorant.”

Do you think the customer was justified in criticizing Vetter for taking a break to prepare breast milk for her hungry twins?

Sources:, The Stir, SheKnows

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