Mom And Dad Leave Pet Ferrets Around 1-Month-Old Daughter, Baby Pays The Price

A baby girl in Pennsylvania lost a quarter of her face after three pet ferrets mauled her.

One-month-old Skyy Isabelle Fraime was in a car seat on the floor of the dining room in her house, when her parents’ three pet ferrets suddenly escaped from their cage. They ran over to the infant and began biting her lips, nose and other parts of her face.

“There’s a cage there, a cloth cage with three ferrets in it,” Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe said. “The ferrets got out of the cage. Dad is upstairs sleeping. Mom is upstairs. Mom hears the baby screaming.”

The parents rushed downstairs soon after hearing their daughter screaming, and the ferrets subsequently ran away from the baby Skyy. “I ran over to grab the baby…her face was messed up from the ferrets,” her father, Burnie Fraime, said. The infant sustained severe injuries to her face.

“The baby’s nose was gone, and a lot of the flesh from under the nose was gone and the cheek (too),” Smythe said. “It had little holes all over the head from where the ferrets were on her.”

Skyy was rushed to the hospital, where she was put in intensive care. Smythe said the family, which includes Fraime, his fiancé, their infant daughter and four other children, are believed to have issues.

“The parents, I believe, have problems,” he said. “They are challenged. They can’t take care of these kids.”

The couple’s four other young children are currently in the custody of family members while an investigation is underway. Criminal charges are pending. Smythe said that the baby’s injuries were so horrific that he and other officers that responded have lost sleep and become overwhelmed with emotion.

“I’ll be 45 years in June in Darby (with the police department),” he said, “and this is the worst I’ve ever seen.

“Just imagine that one-month-old baby, that can’t help herself, (and) two or three animals are eating it alive,” Smythe continued. “Imagine the pain.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Delaware County Daily Times / Photo Credit:,

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