This Is The Response One Girl Got After Sending Out This Message The Day Before Her New Job Started


One of the best things about social media is that it gives people the opportunity to share ideas, interact and engage in meaningful debates regardless of where they live. One of the worst things about social media is that people often forget that everyone can see what you write.

According to Buzzfeed, that one major downside of social media recently cost one girl her job – before she even had a chance to start it.

Apparently Twitter user Cellla_ wasn’t particularly jazzed about her new gig at a pizza place. That’s understandable. Where she went wrong, though, is by broadcasting it in this way:

Shortly after she posted her message, she got a response from the last person whose name she wanted to see in her notifications: her new boss.


As it turns out, her new boss didn’t quite appreciate the negative outlook she had regarding her position.

The lesson here is: Don’t overshare on social media. You don’t need to document every single one of your opinions – because you never know who is reading. And if the wrong person is reading, well, you too may end up sending out a tweet like this:

Source: Buzzfeed / Photo Credit: Screenshot, Wikimedia Commons

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