Animal With Bizarre Mutation Goes Viral Video)


A sheep in Turkey gave birth to a lamb with a human-like face.

A video has been uploaded to YouTube with close-up pictures of the animal which appears to be dead and shows a full set of lips, a small, “button nose” and a pronounced chin, Metro reported.

Veterinary staff in a village near Izmir, Turkey, were shocked when they held the creature's face up to the camera.

The lamb's face could be mistaken for a science fiction movie prop, that's how human-like it is.

According to the Agence France-Presse, Erhan Elibol, a vet, performed a c-section to get the lamb out.

“I’ve seen mutations with cows and sheep before. I’ve seen a one-eyed calf, a two-headed calf, a five-legged calf. But when I saw this youngster I could not believe my eyes. His mother could not deliver him so I had to help the animal,” Elibol said.

It's not exactly clear what caused the improper mutation, but vets said that it most likely occurred due to an abundance of vitamin A in the mother's feed, the AFP reported, citing

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