Woman Left Stunned After Finding Unexpected Note Scribbled On Receipt (Photo)


A waitress in Fresno, California, got a major surprise when she received a $500 tip from generous strangers who wanted to contribute to her upcoming wedding.

Karissa Warkentin told Your Central Valley that on the night in question, she had to cancel a much-anticipated dinner with family in order to cover a co-worker’s shift. She initially wasn’t very happy about the sudden change in plans.

“I was a little frustrated, but wasn't having the best night at work,” she told the news station.

While collecting the bill from her last table of the night, Warkentin — a recent college graduate who is currently planning a wedding — noticed a large number written in the tip line. 

“I look at the check and it's a $39 bill, and I see, like, $200 on the tip line, and I'm like, what?" she said. “I went to my table, and I was like, um, is this right. I think you might have made a mistake."

The woman sitting at the table with her husband then turned to him and asked him to change the tip.

“She asks her husband, she's like honey, how much do you think their wedding's worth, and I just was like, I can't believe this is happening right now,” she said. 

The strangers ultimately changed the tip from $200 to $500. For Warkentin, their generosity is the answer to her prayers.

“It just showed me that God had other plans for me, like I was trying to get out of there, but he wanted me to stay,” she said. “It was my last table."

Sources: Your Central Valley, YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube Screensho

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