Say Hello To The Man With Most Unfortunate Name In The World

A Brazilian student may just have the worst name on the face of the planet — Guilherme Carabagiale Fuck.

The Brazilian student, who is currently playing basketball in Canada, insists that his last name is pronounced “Foo-kee,” but the spelling is undeniably tragic. The surname comes from his German heritage, and, while there’s a lot of humor behind his name, Fuck says he’s not ashamed of it.

“It doesn’t mean what people think it means,” Fuck told Medicine Hat News. “In German it means fox.”

To avoid problems, Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada, decided with the basketball player that they would use his first last name, Carabagiale, but now, the team has decided to support Fuck in wanting to use his real last name.

“In a lot of ways, at the beginning we were just going to avoid any confusion or any potential issues, whereas now we’re at the point of, this is the guy’s name, he’s an all-Canadian,” Medicine Hat College Rattlers Coach Craig Price said. “We shouldn’t be avoiding it, he’s proud of being a Rattler and we want to support him. I think he takes great pride in his heritage, in where he comes from, and technically in what his name is.”

Fuck, who is over 6-and-a-half feet tall, avoids issues on social media by spelling his name “Fuki,” but for his team and public persona, he says he wants to avoid hiding the name he was given.

“When they asked my opinion I said I want to have my last-last name, I’m not ashamed of it,” Fuck said. “I would rather always use my last-last name. Back in Brazil that’s what I use, I don’t use my first-last name.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Medicine Hat News, / Photo Sources: Daily Mail,

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