'We've Got To Be Smarter Than This': People Are Wrecking Their iPhones Over A Hoax (Photos)

Some things in life should go without saying, like not running across a busy highway at night or not licking a boiling hot stove top. Then again, if this latest hoax people are falling for is any indication, maybe we shouldn’t assume that common sense is so common after all.

Users from the social website 4chan published a faux Apple advertisement for Wave, the (fake) new iOS8 feature that allows you to charge your Apple device in the microwave.

“Wave allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequencies,” the hoax claims. “Wave can be used to quickly charge your device’s battery using any standard household microwave.”

Here’s the ad:

Now even if you thought the feature could be legitimate, wouldn’t you do some research before nuking your $600 phone? Apparently not. Within a few days of the hoax’s circulation, angry people were posting pictures of their ruined phones.

Look at this:

We’ve got to be smarter than this, people.

Sources: 4chan, IJReview, Inquisitr

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