Man Sees 5 Girls Attacking 1 Girl, Takes Action (Video)


A recent viral video shows a man breaking up five girls attacking another girl at a restaurant.

The video shows five girls attacking another girl while she helplessly lay on the floor, unable to defend herself. Just as the fight starts to escalate, a man comes out of nowhere and defends the victim. The man fights off each one of the girls one by one until bystanders come and pull him off. Ultimately, it looks as though the man helped save the girl from being hurt any more than she already was.

“Looks like the person in the black/white shirt tries to stab/strike him with a dinner knife or something similar & the Spin Punch he throws knocks it out of the hand & then knocks all 3 of them down,” said a commenter on Reddit.

Take a look at the crazy fight in the video below.

Sources: Reddit, LiveLeak

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