Doll-Faced McDonald's Employee Brings Fans To Restaurant (Photo)

Curious Taiwan residents are flocking to a local McDonald’s after a viral blog featured one its employees: a doll-faced waitress named Wei Han Xu.

The cashier has been working part time behind the counter for five years, according to the Shanghaiist. The McDonald’s employee also has a considerable following on Instagram and goes to college.

In 2013, a blogger known as RainDog took Xu’s picture after he ordered a Big Mac and uploaded the photo to the Internet. He called her the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history," and his post went viral. She later earned the nickname WeiWei, meaning “dolphin” in Chinese.

Following her rise to fame, Xu was featured on Food World News and Daily Mirror. She’s especially known for her form-fitting uniform and heels, a tradition that’s common among many Taiwanese waitresses – some even dress like maids or sailors.

“McDonald’s in Taiwan has a glorious track record when it comes to cute girls since their staff started cosplaying … since 2013,” Rocket News wrote.

Many other beauties have gone viral in Taiwan, including fruit, tofu and cake vendors in the capital Taipei.

Since Xu’s face went viral, many have reportedly tracked down the waitress and entered the restaurant just to ogle at her. However, since many of them have not actually purchased food, the manager of the branch isn’t happy, according to Inquisitr.

Sources: DailyMail, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: The Nan Fang

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