Man And Woman's On-Flight Incident Immediately Goes Viral (Photos)


A woman live-tweeted a nearby couple’s awkward breakup during a plane delay before a flight.

The bizarre breakup went viral after passenger Kelly Keegs took to Twitter to document the intense conversation. Keegs first shared a photo of the couple, with a young woman seen wiping tears from her eyes.

“This guy on the plane just broke up [with] his girlfriend and she's SOBBING,” Keegs tweeted alongside the photo.

From there, the stunned passenger began transcribing the couple’s conversation.

“I just can't stand you. I can't be near you. I would switch seats if i could,” the guy allegedly said.

“Great. JUST GREAT. I'm so glad I paid 40 extra dollars to be on this f------ flight with you,” the girl replied, according to Keegs.

From there, more and more details of the couple’s apparently crumbling relationship came to light.

After a significant number of accusations and more sobbing -- all documented in detail by Keegs -- things began to settle down before once again becoming tense when the girl brought up another woman.

“I'm going to ask Charlotte. I'm going to ask her the minute we get home and we'll see if your STORIES MATCH,” she said. 

Suddenly, things took an odd turn. After several minutes of arguing, according to Keegs, the couple began to make out. 

“Now they're making out. I'm not kidding,” she tweeted. 

“We took off, they immediately ordered SIX vodkas and Bloody Mary mix for the 50 minute flight and chugged them in silence between makeouts," she added in another tweet.

Though there’s no word on whether or not the couple reconciled for good, their epic breakup quickly went viral and turned Keegs into something of a Twitter sensation.

“Every time I open Twitter my phone freezes because of the mentions. Now I know how @onedirection must feel. #PlaneBreakup,” she wrote. 

Sources: E! Online, Imgur

Photo credit: Twitter, Imgur

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