Woman's Unexpected Encounter With Burger King Employee Goes Viral (Video)

A customer at Burger King was cursed and assaulted by a server after requesting a refund for a shake that was poorly made.

Video filmed by the customer showed the woman asking the employee to speak with the manager. The angry server identified herself as the person in charge.

“Can I get a refund right now?” the customer asked. The employee then began cursing at the woman.

“You cannot treat people like this. This is your job,” the woman said in response. “You handed me soft serve ice cream and then gave me some garbage, and I’m not going to eat it.”

The server then began to lose her temper, shouting at the woman and telling her to leave.

“Really?” she said to the customer. “I don’t give a f**k, go ahead.”

After realizing that she was being filmed the entire time, the employee walked out from behind the counter to confront the customer. Another employee subsequently attempted to intervene, but the server continued to curse and shove herself into the customer threateningly.

“You took my picture for real?” the server asked. “Do you want to get slapped?”

Viewers on Reddit responded to the video, with some questioning why the employee made a bad shake to begin with.

“As for someone who is currently employed at Burger King, this is so cringe worthy. The steps for making a vanilla milkshake: Pump the amount needed of Shake mix and vanilla syrup into the cup. Drip vanilla ice cream into the cup. Blend it. Top it off with whip cream (if requested). How can this be so difficult?” Redditor Joseyedea said.

“I once found about 2 pieces of plastic in my burger, my dad took it to the front and they said that it happens.

"Burger King's messed up,” user BlueSkilly added.

Watch the confrontation below.

Sources: Reddit, LiveLeak / Photo Credit:

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