Trump On Charles Koch: 'I Don't Need His Money'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has already proven that he does not need Fox News to win over Republican voters. Now, Trump has responded to Charles Koch’s recent critique of him, suggesting that he does not need the Koch Brothers as kingmakers either.

"I don’t say anything to [Koch]," Trump told Breitbart News Daily on April 27, reports Breitbart. "I’ve always liked the Kochs. They’re members of my club in Palm Beach."

"What he says bears no relationship on what I do or say," Trump added. "I don’t need his money. I got my own money."

Trump then suggested that others who take Koch money are "puppets."

Trump’s comments come in response to an interview Charles Koch gave to ABC News in which he rejected the Republican front-runner as a viable candidate.

“These personal attacks and pitting one person against the other – that’s the message you’re sending the country,” Koch said during the April 24 interview. “You’re role models and you’re terrible role models. So how – I don’t know how we could support ‘em.”

Koch also called Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country "antithetical" to the Kochs' principles.

“What was worse was this ‘we’ll have them all registered,’” Koch added. “That’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I mean – that’s monstrous as I said at the time.”

“I disagree with [the Koch brothers] 100 percent on some of the things,” Trump told Breitbart. “[Charles] actually went so far as to say he might back Hillary Clinton.”

“He made some statements that were not very good for the Republican Party and that’s too bad,” Trump added.

“But, again, you have a lot of people that need him, and I don’t need him at all," he continued. "One of the reasons he wouldn’t like me is because I don’t need him, and I won’t do what he tells me to do, because I couldn’t care less.”

“I’m going to do what’s right for the American people,” Trump concluded. “And he can have his puppets, and they’re all over the place.” 

Source: Breitbart, ABC News / Photo Credit: Donald Trump/Instagram

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