Arkansas College: Sagging Pants Will Not Be Tolerated

Signs that hung at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, for two days stating sagging pants would not be tolerated has the administration and students at odds with one another.

According to the sign, the following would not be tolerated in the student center: profanity; excessive loudness; rude behavior; and sagging pants.

Photo Credit: KATV

Student Kristin Bell finds the signs to be discriminatory.

"It’s politically insensitive to certain groups," Bell told KATV. "They felt like they were being targeted."

A group led by student Daisha Haggans was “outraged by the sign.” Sagging pants is found to be culturally associated with African Americans by the group and therefore they want the signs removed as they feel it targets them.

The signs were removed two days after being posted but the college still expects students to adhere to the rules it stated, The Daily Caller reports.

The administration says it was not targeting any specific individual or group.

"We certainly want to apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication, but there was not a particular group or individual that was targeted," Dr. Lewis A. Shepherd, Jr., Vice President of Student and External Affairs, said.

Sagging pants have not been banned in the school dress code because it does not have one. But the college does believe it should instill values in its students—including how to dress.

"We do a dis-service to students if we do not teach those values while they're here," Shepherd said.

"If we're trying to teach our students how to be more professional, I just don't think a sign was the right communication," Haggans said.

Haggans and Bell want a forum to discuss issues like this and Shepherd has agreed. They also want to see a diversity office set-up on campus.

African American Democratic Rep. Tracy Steele sponsored the legislation that banned saggy pants from Arkansas elementary and secondary schools in 2011.

Sources: KATV, The Daily Caller

Photo Source: Inquisitr

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