Officer Praised For Helping Suicidal Autistic Teen

When a North Carolina police officer received a call about a suicidal autistic teen, he went the extra mile to ensure the girl's safety.

The autistic teen's distraught mother found that her daughter, who suffered from a history of sexual abuse, had vanished in Charlotte, North Carolina, leaving nothing but a suicide note, and she didn't know what to do, reports Mad World News. The mother, whose name was not released, called the police, hoping that they would be proactive instead of telling her that it was a cry for help, and her daughter would come home. 

The department told her that they would send out a search party immediately. Officer Kenneth Perry took it upon himself to find the girl, and he did so rather quickly. The mother stated that Perry convinced the suicidal girl to come with him to the hospital emergency room.

He notified the concerned mother and, instead of leaving the teen in the hands of hospital staff, he stayed with her and talked to her until the mother came.

"I arrived to the ER to find him sitting with her and she was smiling!" the relieved mother wrote on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Facebook page.

Officer Perry wasn't done going above and beyond the call of duty.

“Recently, he came by our home to follow up on the troubled kid he saved that night. He wanted to know if she had pulled through her desperate patch,” the mother wrote. “My husband said he was relieved to know she had gotten the help she needed, was no longer wanting to hurt herself, and had even gotten a job that she enjoyed and builds her confidence.”

Despite "ridiculous accusations of police hostility toward people of color," she thanked the officer who "dropped everything to save the life of one very precious African American/ Zuni Indian teen with special needs.

And I think the fact that the outcome for that teen weighed on this young man enough for him to take time to follow up shows that he is in human services for all the right reasons."

Sources: Mad World News, Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook


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