'That Is The Coolest Thing': Man Frees Shark Pups From Dead Mother's Stomach (Video)

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday shows the incredible moment a South African man pulled live baby sharks from the stomach of their dead mother and carried them into the ocean.

The video begins after a family discovers a dead shark lying on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa. After moving closer to the shark, the woman filming the video notices movement from the shark’s stomach and suggests that it might be pregnant. Then, one of the family members decides to cut the shark’s stomach open with a knife to investigate.

Onlookers gasp in amazement as a sack holding a squirming shark pup falls out of the shark’s stomach. The man helps the shark out of its sack and into the ocean, then pulls two more pups out of the shark’s stomach and places them in the water.

“I think that is the coolest thing I have ever seen,” one witness says.

The Mirror reported that baby sharks are fully independent after being born, so the manner of their birth probably won’t have negative effects on their health or ability to survive.

“This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life,” the video’s description reads. “You cannot help but admire the beach goers that helped the baby sharks live a life in the ocean.”

To date, the video has accumulated more than 160,000 views.

Sources: The Independent, Mirror / Photo Credit: YouTube

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