Missouri Woman Threatens Teenagers With Handgun (Video)

A Missouri woman has been captured on camera using a handgun to challenge a group of teenagers who supposedly threatened her 15-year-old son, the Daily Mail reports. 42-year-old Tracy Leeser is depicted in the video cursing at the three young boys. “Stay away from my goddamn son!” the woman yells, as one of the boys threatens to beat her son up. Her husband Don can also be seen at the beginning of the video wielding a baseball bat.

When Leeser finally pulls the gun out of her pocket, one of the boys can be heard saying “Hey, don’t do that.” Another is more defiant. “Go ahead, shoot me,” the boy says. Leeser does not use the weapon.

In a statement to the St. Louis Dispatch, Leeser explained that she had no intention of firing the weapon at any of the boys. She was simply using the gun to protect herself, she claims. “Did I intend to use the gun? Absolutely not,” Leeser said. “But I felt that was my only safeguard against being killed that night. Worst-case scenario, yes, I would have used it. But I didn’t.”

The boys Leeser threatened were the ones that ultimately uploaded the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. The reason for the initial dispute is still unclear, although it involves an altercation between Leeser’s son and the three teenagers. The confrontation, however, has continued. The Leeser’s claim their eight-year-old daughter was hit (yet uninjured) by a BB gun pellet that was fired through their window by the teenagers three days after the incident occurred. The altercations have yet to lead to any arrest, but the St. Charles County police are currently undergoing an official investigation.

Sources: The Daily MailSt. Louis Post-Dispatch

Image Source: YouTube


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