Mom And Disabled Daughter Park In Handicapped Spot, Find Note On Their Car: 'Perhaps You Are Just Lazy'

Sometimes things are not as they appear.

A Colorado mom and her 10-year-old daughter were shocked to see a rude note on their van accusing them of "illegally" parking in the handicapped spot because they were not "truly handicapped" but in fact "lazy" after they returned from a Target shopping trip, reports the Daily Mail.

Somebody had typed a multiple paragraph letter and wedged it under their windshield wiper.

It said:


I observed you parking in this handicapped parking place today. It appears that you are not really handicapped. Perhaps just in a hurry or worse, just plain lazy.

In case you don't know, these spots are reserved for people who are truly handicapped and because of idiots like you, they have to park farther away or not be able to come here at all.

Before you throw this note away, know that I have called in your license plate number to the local police. Have a great day!

Naomi Barringer and her 10-year-old daughter, Kaitlynn, may have looked perfectly healthy leaving the Denver Target parking lot, but the angry writer was quick to judge a stranger with a severe disability that is not always visible.

Kaitlynn suffers from hypophosphatasia, a rare genetic condition that makes her bones soft and easily broken. This chronic metabolic disorder can be life-threatening, as the tiniest gesture such as walking or extending a limb can cause a fracture.

"I am disabled and they may not know that, and I can understand that because I do look normal," Kaitlynn said.

At birth, the 10-year-old sustained 13 broken bones and has broken 17 more throughout her life, causing frequent pain, according to her GoFundMe page. Because of her condition, characterized by defective bone mineralization, she also suffers from muscle weakness, seizures, kidney problems, difficulty breathing and skin sensitivity from Type I Collagen Disorder. The white matter in the girl's brain is also gradually degenerating, causing brain damage.

"I really didn't know people thought of me like that," Kaitlynn said of the note that "offended" and "hurt" her.

So was Naomi, who said she was "shocked by how mean it was."

Kaitlynn had a message for the author. "Just because someone doesn't look disabled, doesn't mean they are not," she said.

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe
Photo Credit: Willliam Ross/Flickr

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