A Woman Woke Up After Getting Blackout Drunk And Saw That Her Fingers Looked Like This


An Australian woman says she got too drunk and passed out in the freezing Canadian snow, only to be found outside a nursing home with her hands completely purple.

The unidentified woman shared her experience on imgur and says she was “f**king stupid” for getting blackout drunk and passing out in front of a nursing home in the cold. She reveals that back in December, she was out drinking with her friends when she vanished after telling them she was going outside for a cigarette. The woman didn’t have her jacket or gloves when she disappeared, and when she woke up hours later, things didn’t look great.

“It was 5.45am when I was found,” the woman revealed. “At 6.30 a nurse told me that best case scenario I keep my fingers... worst case I lose my hands.”

In the few days that followed, the woman was treated at a local hospital as staff constantly stopped by to see her “sweet blisters.” The unidentified woman says that her doctor ultimately told her that her fingers would blister and swell up before they could actually be popped, and the photos she posted online show just how severe the blistering was.

“The pain and pressure at this point was verging on unbearable,” the woman admitted. “I was taking opiates the whole time... frostbite recovery is pretty well known for its pain. My next visit with Doc Freezin he was wearing an apron and a face mask with a plastic shield over his head.

"With my hand over a metal tray, he cut my blisters with a scalpel. Pus went everywhere ... I think I even got the hospital curtains.”

Once the pus was drained, the woman was left with raw skin, and although she now has use of her hands back, her doctor is still concerned about right middle fingertip and her left pinky.

“I won't find out until June,” the woman said. “If I lose them I want to make a sweet, custom made prosthetic.”

It’s safe to say this woman probably won’t be going out drinking without layers of clothing in the future.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro UK / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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