Man Says He Found Bigfoot, Provides Video Proof (Video)


A man in New York City claimed that he spotted Bigfoot, the mythical ape, walking through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Russell Strark captured the moment in a YouTube video filmed Tuesday. All of New York City’s public parks were closed that day, as ordered by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday due to the impending winter storm.

“I recently started a live streaming / time lapse channel called Brooklyn Live Video to capture different parts of Brooklyn. I had set up a camera in Prospect Park on a side trail to capture the snow fall, today I went back and collected it and found this footage," Strark wrote in the video description. “It appears to me to be Bigfoot…. Seriously. Looks like it was taken at around 7 am this morning.”

Reaction to Strark’s video was mixed after it was uploaded.

“I have seen a lot of creatures in Prospect Park, but not that one,” a cyclist who saw the video told PIX 11. One viewer said it looked like someone dressed as a monster, and another claimed it could have been a very big raccoon. Even a paranormal expert had his doubts, saying, “If it’s too good to be true it’s probably too good to be true.”

Many YouTube commenters were quick to dismiss Strark’s sighting, with many claiming it was nothing more than a fabricated hoax.

“Take a look and tell me your thoughts. I am no expert, but this is pretty compelling stuff. I am baffled how this creature could be in Brooklyns [sic] Prospect Park,” one commenter said.

Do you think Bigfoot really was strolling through Prospect Park?

Sources: PIX 11, YouTube / Photo Credit:

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