This Is The License Plate That Is Stirring Up Lots Of Controversy In Alabama (Photo)


Questions are being raised about Alabama’s license plate policy after someone spotted a car with tags that read, “N0H0M0.”

According to a report from Think Progress, a man in Atlanta, Georgia, noticed the license plate in an office parking lot and was “first shocked, then angered” by what it said.

“How could they [Alabama] allow outright discrimination to be published on a state license plate?” said Scott Johnson, the person who first noticed the license plate.

In a statement to Think Progress, Amanda Collier, spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Revenue, said that a three-person panel reviews every request for a personalized license plate. If something is deemed unsuitable, they’ll sometimes suggest other spellings, but many times, requests are ultimately rejected.

“There is a list of more than 6,000 plates that are strictly banned and will not be allowed on any tag in the state,” Collier said, adding that the list mostly contains anything that includes profanity, vulgar language, or is explicit.

Although Collier reportedly never addressed the issue of the “N0H0M0” license plate, she did say that all license plate-related complaints end up putting the tags through a recall process.

Sources: Think Progress, Addicting Info / Photo Source: Think Progress, Wikimedia Commons

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