Mother Makes Disturbing Discovery In Stuffed Animal She Bought For Her Daughter (Photo)

stuffed animal

An Oregon mother received the shock of a lifetime after she discovered her daughter’s stuffed toy was full of insects.

After noticing a tear in her 3-year-old daughter Kinley’s Cozy Hugs microwavable stuffed animal, Kamren Weiler discovered that the toy was infested with bugs.

“She went to sleep with it and played with it and had it in her bed,” Weiler told reporters at local station KATU 2. “Yeah, it’s really gross.”

When Weiler poured out the contents of the animal, she found what looked to be hundreds of living insects.

“I looked over at it on the counter and there were bugs all over it, just crawling," Weiler added.

The toy is marketed as an aromatherapy product which, when microwaved, emits the smell of lavender and retains its warmth. However, the wheat and lavender filling appears to also attract insects. According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the insects are most likely grain weevils, a common pest that thrive by eating grain kernels.

The mother then took the toy, wheat, and insects and sealed them in a plastic bag.

“My first reaction was, this is really gross,” said Weiler. “And then my second reaction was, I tore my daughter’s whole room apart. Where could those bugs have gone. In her shirt, in her clothes?”

This is not the first time a parent has discovered insects in their child’s Cozy Hugs toy. In fact, numerous complaints have been logged by other people reporting insects in their Cozy Hugs stuffed animals.

“I bought these for my grandchildren,” one complaint read, “before I even gave them to them I noticed bugs. I opened them up and dumped the grain-full of bugs-alive bugs.”

Another read: “DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR KIDS! They become infested with bugs! I spent days trying to figured out why my daughter’s bed was full of bugs. BINGO! I opened the little bear! There are grains inside and full of bugs in it! The company refuse to admit it is their fault!”

The FDA has said that people who have problems with their Cozy Hugs products should file a complaint with the agency.

Source: KATU 2 Photo Credit: NY Daily News, YouTube

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