Mom Shocked Over School's Handling Of 6-Year-Old Who Had An Accident


A kindergartner from Tarpon Springs, Florida, says she was denied the right to use the bathroom, forced to urinate in her pants in class and then changed into a diaper by school officials.

Chloee Kingett, 6, says she doesn’t want to return to Sunset Hills Elementary School after she was humiliated and forced to put on a diaper and boy’s pants, reports ABC 7 Denver.

Chloee’s mother, Goldie Kingett, says she learned about the incident only after she went to school to pick up her daughter and found her wearing the diaper. She says she hasn’t worn a diaper since she was 2 and that the school refused to provide answers when she immediately tried to find out what had happened.

The child reportedly told her mother she asked her music teacher if she could use the bathroom, but was denied the right because, as she was told, it always takes the students so long to go. Chloee says she had to urinate badly and began whimpering, which made the music teacher threaten her with discipline because he believed she was acting out.

The little girl says she then sat in the back of the classroom and urinated on herself, which drew the attention of her classmates, some of whom expressed their disgust.

Chloee was then reportedly changed into a diaper and a pair of boy’s pants.

“To belittle my child and put her in a diaper, that is crazy,” Goldie said. She says she was so upset with the school she kept her daughter at home the day after the incident.

Goldie says the school’s principal has since contacted her and informed her that, because she never provided Chloee’s teacher with an extra pair of pants or underwear in the event of an accident, they had to use what was available to help the child feel more comfortable. Goldie claims she was never informed of this policy.

In a written statement, Pinellas County School District spokeswoman Melanie Marquez-Parra also said the music teacher thought all of the children had used the restroom before class and that it was a matter of “miscommunication.” In a written statement, she added:

Kindergarten teachers do their best to make sure students have frequent opportunities to use the restroom as needed, but sometimes accidents do occur.

The school requests that kindergarten parents provide a change of clothes to be kept at school in case their child needs to change their clothes for any reason. If clothes have not been provided, the school will use what is available at the school to help the child feel more comfortable. For the kindergarten students this may include using pull ups if no underwear is available.

School staff do their best to notify parents of incidents that occur during school as soon as possible. If an incident occurs near the end of the school day, the parent may be notified during dismissal.

Source: ABC 7 Denver/Photo Credit: intelligente_persona/Flickr 

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