Two Men Pry Open Shell They Found On Beach, Get A Big Surprise (Photos)

A man in Cambodia recently received a big surprise when he forced open a cockle shell. Daily Mail reported the video that shows a man find a partially closed cockle shell. However, he was not expecting what popped out.

The man found the mollusk on Prek Treng Beach in Sihaknukvill, Cambodia. He is seen playing with it in the sand before finally rinsing it off in the water.

The man then set about trying to force open the shell. At first he succeeds at forcing it open, but drops it immediately after realizing the animal inside may try to harm him.

He quickly starts prying it open when a tentacle pokes out from the shell, seemingly waving at the man.

As the man holds the shell up to the camera, an octopus jumps out of the shell and stands up on the beach.

The cameraman jumped back in fear as the octopus revealed itself, as it seemed considerably larger than the shell in which it was contained.

According to IFLScience, octopuses hiding in shells are not rare. BBC reported a video that shows an octopus collect coconut shells in Indonesia and use them to hide in underwater.

Sources: Daily MailIFLScience / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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