Husband Purchases iPhone For His Wife, Notices Something Odd About It (Video)


A man is trying to warn people about an iPhone scammer in Austin, Texas.

He bought an iPhone for his wife from Craigslist in October. The unidentified man paid $560 for the phone, but upon putting in his wife's SIM card, AT&T suspended their account, according to LiveLeak.

The service provider allegedly informed them the phone was stolen, so the man re-contacted the seller, who identified himself as Zeke, and said he wanted to buy an iPhone for himself. This time he filmed the encounter and posted the video (below).

“So here’s our choices today: I either want my $560 or I want this phone,” he said.

“And if this one is reported stolen, he filmed you pulling up,” he said, pointing to the driver in his vehicle. “He’s got you on camera now, he’s got this car and I will find you.

“So those are the options. Which one do you want to go with?”

When confronted, Zeke apologized and said he didn’t mean to sell a stolen phone. “I just buy and sell phones, man,” he said, before shelling out $700 to cover the cost of the phone.

Sources: YouTube, LiveLeak / Image via YouTube

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