'I Just Can't Believe It': Mom Calls In Authorities After Seeing What Happened To 6-Month-Old


A daycare in Woodlawn, Ohio, was under investigation after a concerned parent found mysterious and disturbing cuts on her infant's feet that the daycare provider can not explain. 

Taran Phillips, who works as a toddler teacher at Tender Care Child Development Center, says she picked up her 6-month-old son, Joshua, from the same daycare and later noticed that his feet looked as if they had been cut while he was under the care of providers, reports WCPO. 

"The first one looks like a cut, looks like someone cut him," Phillips told WCPO. "The second one looks like an open sore." 

She told the new station that she fears the worst -- that one of the daycare workers hurt her child to get back at her because she had a conflict with a coworker at Tender Care. Although the daycare owner confirmed the worker allegedly involved in the investigation is no longer working at the daycare, a camera that is set up in the infant room wasn't working at the time the incident allegedly took place. 

Phillips says her son isn't even able to crawl yet and thus it would be impossible for him to have caused his own injuries, reports WSMV. After discovering the cuts, she says she immediately took him to the emergency room, where doctors confirmed that they had been caused by an adult, and not another child or an object. 

Phillips says the incident left her feeling shocked and sad.

"I feel like they should have never taken it out on my son. He's a happy baby for the most part. I just can't believe it," she told WSMV.

The daycare center was last inspected by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services in Octiber 2014 and it was discovered that the company was in compliance with most state regulations, but that it was out of compliance with its adult to children ratio. Ohio state requires that the ration be 1:12 for children ages 3-12 and 1:7 for younger children. The daycare was found to have a ratio of 1:18 for children ages 3-12 and 1:9 for the preschool group.

Sources: WCPO, WSMV

Photo Credit: WCPO, WSMV


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