Young Boy Turns Down Reward For Finding iPhone, Sends Woman This Note Instead (Photo)


British boy Josh Brown turned down a $30 reward for finding one girl’s iPhone, instead telling the owner to simply do something nice for someone else.

Brown found an iPhone 4 on a train seat and answered a call from the owner’s mother, Michelle Hickinbottom, in February. He told the 36-year-old that he would leave her daughter’s phone at the ticket office of the Selly Oak train station on his way home to Worcestershire.

Although Hickinbottom offered Brown a reward for finding the phone, which is worth almost $400, she was happily surprised when she retrieved the device and read a note from the 12-year-old rejecting her offer.

“Don’t worry about the money,” Brown wrote. “Just do something nice for someone else.”

Hickinbottom was so grateful that she began a social media campaign to track down the boy. After her posts on Facebook and Twitter were shared thousands of times, Brown’s mother finally came forward on Friday. According to Angela Brown, her son is “overwhelmed” by the response to his good deed.

“I was choked up when I saw the letter. I was really overwhelmed. He will go far in life with an attitude like that. He seems a great lad,” Hickinbottom said. ”We are really grateful because my daughter has got a lot of photos on there she wants to keep. It is more sentimental and personal than anything else.”

Mrs. Brown said she’s proud of her son, but that he simply did the right thing.

Sources: DailyMail, BT / Photo Credit: BT

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