Man Makes Unfortunate Find Inside Pepsi Soda Can (Photo)

A man in Indiana reported that he found what appears to be a piece of skin with hair in a can of Pepsi he had just opened and started drinking.

“I cracked this one open and swallowed a chunk of something,” Joseph Hidey recalled. “We opened the can up and found another piece of what looks like skin with hair attached.”

Hidey said he bought the Pepsi drink in a 24-pack from Walmart in South Bend, and called the store when he found out about the alleged skin and hair contamination. He said he then talked to Pepsi’s customer service, which sent a lab employee to analyze the particles in the drink, according to the Inquisitr.

“(Pepsi) sent a representative here to pick up a sample as well as the can and two other cans that were left,” Pete Agostino, Hidey’s lawyer, said. “And, those were going to be sent to a lab for investigation, and determination and analysis.”

Hidey said he kept a piece of the particles inside his drink and that he is curious to know the contents of the drink.

”I want to know what’s in it because I want to know what I ingested — if it’s human or if it’s an animal,” he said.

Pepsi has said it is continuing to investigate the incident and has contacted the shipping company for the particular product.

“The safety and integrity of our products is our highest priority,” PepsiCo said in an official statement to WNDU. “We have reached out to Mr. Hidey directly about his claim, which came into our after-hours call center on Sunday, and will thoroughly investigate this matter.”

The lab results for the contents of the drink could take several weeks to process.

Source: The Inquisitr, WNDU

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