Officer Resigns After Not Responding To Call In Order To Finish Having Sex

A Georgia sheriff's deputy has resigned after an internal investigation found she was having sex while on duty.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Rockdale County Deputy Loretta Hernandez, 39, turned in her badge and gun on Friday after she admitted to engaging in sexual activity at least three times while on the job, including once when she was delayed in responding to calls because she was caught up in the act.

"In at least two of the incidents, she was in her full uniform and in her marked RCSO patrol unit in public," Rockdale Sheriff's Cpl. Michael Camp told the newspaper in a statement.

"In the third incident, Deputy Hernandez, while on duty, was outside of her patrol car inside a local business that was closed."

Authorities said Hernandez was with the same person all three times.

Deputy Hernandez resigned in lieu of being terminated during a disciplinary hearing and was put on administrative leave on April 25. Hernandez started working at the sheriff's office in 2008.

In a separate internal affairs investigation, Deputy Chad Stuarte, 26, was arrested on May 3 after a physical altercation involving his wife at his home in Covington, Ga., the Newton Citizen reported.

Stuarte was charged with battery and booked into the Newton County Jail. He also resigned instead of being fired at a disciplinary hearing after he was put on administrative leave.

The investigation revealed that Stuarte fired his service pistol into the floor of his home during a dispute with his wife.

“The actions of both deputies are both disappointing and heartbreaking for them, their families and for all of the members of RCSO," Chief Deputy Scott Freeman said in a statement.

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