7-11 Employee Attempts To Do Something Nice For Homeless Man, Pays The Price

Last Thursday was yet another brutally frigid day in Massachusetts. That evening, a man entered a 7-Eleven store in Salem, Mass, visibly shaken by the perpetually cold winter. 

Ava Lins, the 19-year-old woman who was working as a clerk in the store, claimed that she immediately noticed that the man appeared to be negatively affected by the weather.

‘He was freezing. You could tell. It was one of the coldest nights of the month,” Lins said to NewsCenter 5. 

In order to help the man, who has since been identified as homeless, Lins offered him a small cup of coffee.

“7-Eleven preaches that they’re customer-oriented. Well, I tried to show that. I paid with my own money. I hope that if I ever worked for someone else, they would understand where I’m coming from,” Lins said regarding her decision to help the homeless man. 

The man accepted the cup, causing Lins’s boss to become extremely angry.

“My boss...grabbed his jacket and began screaming and yelling ‘Did you pay for this? Did you pay for this?’ And I lied for him. I said, ‘Yes,’” Lins said regarding the incident. 

Her boss, Romany Youseff, ultimately discovered that Lins had actually been the one to provide the coffee after confronting her about the incident the following day. After Lins confessed, she was fired from her position at the store. 

Lins voiced her frustration regarding the experience, prompting several supporters to call Youseff in order to angrily express their disapproval of his actions.

Youseff ultimately caved and agreed to allow Lins to continue working at the store.

“I don’t have any problem. I told her it’s OK. Everyone forget it. It’s OK,” Youseff said. 

According to the Timmins Press, the cup of coffee cost around $1. 


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