Reese's Peanut Butter Cups' Seasonal Candy Becomes Epic Fail

Reese's Christmas Tree

Step aside Starbucks, there is a new holiday controversy in town.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups unveiled a Christmas tree version of their classic treat this season. But no sooner had it hit the shelves than customers across the country noticed a glaring problem.

The peanut butter cup’s design was an “epic fail”.

CNN reports that droves of Reese’s fans have taken to Twitter and other social media to voice their disappointment – calling the candy names like “Christmas turd,” among others.

Twitter user Samantha Llewellyn posted a photo of her Reese’s with the question, “What part of this looks like a Christmas tree?...”

Hershey’s, parent company of Reese’s, has attempted seasonal peanut butter cups in the past, ranging from Halloween pumpkins to Easter eggs.

The pumpkin version received similar social media blow-back to the Christmas tree.

Reese’s has been replying individually to people upset with their confectionary purchase.

CNN quotes Twitter user MadisonBarrow1, who posted about her Reese’s pumpkin candy saying, “…this is a sorry excuse for a pumpkin.”

Reese’s responded to the woman, saying, “We’re sorry to hear your REESE’S Peanut Butter Pumpkin is less than perfect. Please send us a note…”

As Fox 8 reports, Reese’s tweeted back at another fan who claimed “I feel deceived,” saying, “We apologize, as this is not the perfect experience we hope for our fans.”

With all the lambasting, a Reese’s is a Reese’s, and fans did admit that they were “#StillEating” and “#ItsStillReeses.”  

This holiday controversy comes less than a month after Starbucks released this year’s red holiday cups. Fans nationwide protested that the cups were devoid of any Christmas decorations.

The cups, a gradient of red from bottom to top with the Starbucks logo in the middle, incited boycotts and outrage from those who felt Starbucks was denying the holiday spirit and repressing Christmas.

Starbucks maintains its cup design while the backlash is beginning to subside.

Over on the Reese’s website, however, there is no sign of the Christmas tree version of the candy. 

Source: FOX8, CNN, Hershey's / Photo Source: @AshweeCarter via Twitter

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