Texas Hunters Capture 800-Pound Animal Alive (Photos)

A hunter in Texas captured a gigantic 800-pound hog that was so big he had to do a “double take” when he first spotted it.

Blaine Garcia said he couldn’t believe his eyes when, while hunting on a ranch in De Leon, he noticed the massive beast. “I did a double take. I couldn't believe his size. He took off running down a draw. I tried to walk up and get a better look but he kept running off as I approached,” Garcia said. He immediately called his friend, Wyatt Walton, to help him catch it.

With the help of two hunting dogs, Garcia and Walton began scanning the 20-acre ranch. Garcia’s dog soon sensed the hog’s smell, and the pair hid behind a tree until the animal was in close range. When the hog was close enough to them, Garcia set his dog loose. It ambushed the animal and latched onto its ear.

The dog struggled to bring the beast down until Garcia and Wyatt grabbed its legs before tying the together. The duo and some friends transported the hog to a trailer, and it was taken to a cattle corral home, where they will decide its fate. “We may end up doing that (selling the hog) in the future, but for right now, we're undecided on what we're going to do,” Garcia said. “It's something that maybe we're going to think on for a little bit.”

Garcia said the hog, which weighed in at an incredible 790 pounds, was almost twice the size of the largest one he’d ever caught. That particular hog weighed 450 pounds.

Following the hunt, Garcia received backlash from animal rights activists, and later took to Facebook to clarify the situation. He said the hog actually belonged to someone, and had “escaped from his 11-acre pen outside of town.”

“As I stated in previous comments, anyone who thinks that either one of us thought this hog was completely feral does not know us. We have both hunted hogs all of our lives, and can clearly differentiate between the two,” he wrote. “We had numerous phone calls from buyers, those who wanted to congratulate, those who wanted to hate, and those who were trying to claim the hog as theirs. Of course the 2400$ price tag posted in the articles helped that matter.”

Garcia said that despite not getting to keep the incredible beast after all, this particular hunt was “an experience of a lifetime.”

Source: The Blaze, New York Daily News / Photo Credit:

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