Man On Way Home From Car Wash Finds An Unexpected Surprise In His Trunk (Video)

A California man went to the car wash and came home with a stranger in his trunk. 

On his drive home from Tuzos car wash in Pomona, Chris Landeros says he heard knocking coming from the trunk of the car, so he got out of the vehicle and knocked back, according to WFMY News 2.

That’s when he heard a man’s voice coming from the inside of his trunk.

"I heard a little voice in there, and wasn't sure what it was, so I opened the trunk real quick and I saw a guy in there and then I just closed it real quick," Landeros told the station.

He called Montclair police, who opened the trunk with guns drawn as the man climbed out. The ordeal was captured on cellphone video, which you can watch below.

The unidentified man was glad to be out of the trunk, but only to be handcuffed and taken into custody, ABC News reports.

"He was saying sorry a lot and he was running away from someone that needed his money, because he didn't pay up or something,” Landeros’ brother Eddie told the station. “I guess he worked at the car wash too. He must have got in while they were washing it. He just closed the trunk on himself.”

The Landeros can laugh about the encounter now, but the family says it was frightening as it was happening.

"Something you don't expect. Even the police officers said, 'This is a new one for us. We've never seen this one,’" Landeros’ father, Sal, said.

WFMY reports that no charges have been filed against the man in the trunk.

Sources: WFMY News 2ABC News

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