Woman Who Decided To Leave Home To Join ISIS Gets Some Bad News


A woman who left her home with her toddler son to join ISIS has been detained in Turkey after fleeing the terrorist organization. She may now be sent back to Syria.

Tareena Shakil, 25, left her home in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, last year after telling her family she was going on holiday to Spain with her son.

Instead, Tareena went to Syria to join ISIS and sent a text message when she crossed the border illegally into Raqqa, Syria.

“At first no one suspected anything, then she said she was at the border of Syria. She sent us messages saying she’d gone over for a new life, that she had been radicalised,” said her brother Tareem Shakil.

A Facebook page was set up allegedly by Tareena saying she was a “slave to Allah.”

Tareena’s new life with ISIS did not go as planned.

Tareem said soon after she joined ISIS, she sent a message saying, “Please help me, I made a stupid mistake. Please Dad, will you come here and get me?”

"He was planning to go out there, but she made the escape herself. She thought she’d rather die trying to get away,” Tareem said.

Tareena was being forced to marry a one-legged fighter by ISIS, so she fled the organization and crossed the border to Turkey, reports The Daily Mail.

Now Tareena is being held in the Turkish border town of Gaziantep. Her father has flown to the city with her British birth certificate in a bid to have his daughter returned to the U.K.

Returning to the U.K. may not be a possibility for Tareena, as she crossed the border into Syria illegally and Turkey has the right to return her there.

“Tareena doesn’t have an automatic right to return to the UK,” a Foreign Office source told Mirror. “The Turkish authorities could decide to send her back to Syria.

“She entered Syria illegally and the normal action is to return illegal immigrants to the country they’ve come from. It’s unlikely she would be sent to Syria but not impossible.

“They are on the front line of the war with IS and will have little sympathy towards her.”

Should Tareena be allowed back to the U.K., she would be interrogated over possible terror offenses and placed on a course of “de-radicalization”.

Sources: Mirror, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail

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