'Why Does It Matter That I'm On Benefits?': Jobless Man Who Fathered 26 Kids With 15 Women Gets A New Gift

A jobless father in England who receives €46,000 [$52,039.80] a year from the government received the house he’s been waiting for – a brand new, five-bedroom house for him and some of his children.

64-year-old Peter Rolfe, who fathered 26 children with 15 different women, said the three-bedroom home he’d been living in was so small that it’d become a “prison,” and he had been trying for a long time to get the British council to give him a bigger one. Rolfe said it’s the government’s “duty” to give him the new house.

Throughout his lengthy fight to obtain the house he felt he deserved, Rolfe said that the council was making him out to be a “bum.”

“Why does it matter that I’m on benefits?” he said. “They are discriminating against me and the kids. The council has a duty of care, to make sure we have a decent place to live.” Councilor Gordon Kendall said at the time that he felt Rolfe was “operating the system to his own advantage,” though Rolfe disagreed.

“I spent two years pursuing the case with the ombudsman and the council have ignored his report,” he said. “What is the point of an ombudsman if all the council do is ignore the findings? They’re basically sticking two fingers up at the whole process."

Rolfe said the €300,000 [$339,240] home he now has is much better than his old one, but assured critics that he’s “not living in a mansion.”

“The new house is better than what I had before. It is bigger, and the people who live in the street have been very good,” he said. “They have welcomed me.”

Rolfe, who is estranged from many of his children, lives in the house with his 19-year-old son Peter and his four teenage daughters. His youngest, 17-year-old Leanne, is a mother to 1-year-old twins.

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit:, Channel 5

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