Mom Releases Troubling Video After School Fails To Respond To Complaints

A Florida mom has released video of her daughter getting attacked by other students on the bus in an effort to shame the school into taking action.

Reports say that Nikki Lee’s sixth-grade daughter was viciously attacked on the bus, and cell phone video shows just how bad the beating was.

“They basically beat her like she was nothing,” Lee said.

The girls in the video kicked the young girl’s head, pulled her hair, slapped her, and jumped on top of her as they beat her senselessly. Lee says that the bus driver didn’t intervene, and after being shown cell phone video of the incident, she decided to release it in the hopes that the school will do something about it.

“I don't think they would've known about it if I didn't proceed with caution to see what's going on with my daughter,” Lee said.

Despite reporting the incident to the school’s dean the day after the incident, Lee says that those responsible were still allowed in school.

“I don't think they acted fast enough,” Lee said. “The kids were still allowed to be in school that day.”

After the video was made public, the school released a statement saying that the students “are being disciplined according to the Code of Conduct. A full investigation is underway to identify additional participants and the person(s) videotaping.”

Sources: Daily Mail, WSOCTV / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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