Pictures Show What Happened To Man Who Jumped Into Lion Exhibit At Zoo (Photos)

A Neo-Nazi was reportedly mauled by lions at a zoo after witnesses say he jumped into the lions’ den.

According to reports, the 45-year-old man, identified as Justo Jose, was seriously mauled after ending up in the lions’ den. Some witnesses say the man jumped into the den intentionally, and while the reason hasn’t been determined, some say that it may have been part of a Neo-Nazi demonstration.

"To enter the enclosure, you have to want to go in," said Barcelona fire chief Hector Carmona, according to Haaretz. "It couldn't have been an accident because the security system makes it impossible for a person to fall into the enclosure."

Jose was reportedly dressed in military attire when he allegedly jumped into the pit, leading some to believe that the action may have been part of a demonstration.

While the man was seriously injured and remains in serious condition at a local hospital, zookeepers say that the lions were not trying to harm Jose.

“The intention was not to kill him; they were just trying to play with him,” said Ignasi Armengol, director of Barcelona Municipal Services.

Sources: Daily Mail, Haaretz, Huffington Post / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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