Car Competition Takes Scary Turn When Woman Tries To Annoy Man (Video)

A game show turned violent this week when a woman was left bleeding on the floor after irritating one of her fellow contestants.

According to the Daily Mail, the game show in question featured a group of men and women playing a ‘touch the truck’-type competition in order to win a vehicle. The eight people had to remain in contact with the car and outlast their fellow competitors by any means necessary.

As can be seen in the video below, one of the women, dressed in underwear and not much else, began waving her shoe around and taunting the other players. Then she swung that shoe at a person standing beside her. That’s when he let go of the car, grabbed her by the hair and promptly threw her to the floor. Once she was on the floor, he knelt down and slapped her.

The video of this incident has accumulated nearly 700,000 views since being posted on Dec. 3. According to some of the Youtube commenters, the man’s attack was not the result of the woman swinging her shoe at him, but rather her hitting him with the shoe for 45 minutes prior to the attack taking place.

“Watch the whole thing,” wrote one person. “She has been hitting him with the f**king shoe for 45 minutes, of course that's what you f**king get, hitting males and then covering up with that ‘men mustnt hit women’ defense, You want equality? That's what you f**king get.”

Sources: The Mirror, The Daily Mail, Youtube / Photo Credit: Screenshot

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