Man Takes Pictures In Ice Cave In Alaska, Later Realizes He Was Not Alone (Photo/Video)

A man and his two dogs went out to explore the landscapes of Alaska, taking photos of glacier ice caves, but it was only when he looked through the pictures that he discovered he was not alone in one of them.

Michael Glidden was out walking around Chugach National Forest outside Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday when he found a dark cave and decided to go inside to take pictures, The Blaze reports.

He entered the cave with his two American Eskimo dogs, Shasta and Aspen, and yelled “echo!”

“Very cozy in there, actually,” Glidden told KTUU-TV. He set his camera down and snapped a picture with a flash.

That’s when one of his dogs quickly ran out after being spooked. It was not until he got home and reviewed the photos that Glidden found out why his dog was so scared.

Glidden noticed a shadow in the corner of his photos while posting them online. It turns out that a hibernating bear is what startled off the pup.

Glidden said he never would have gone inside the cave had he known the beast was just a few feet away from him. But he added that it was an honor to be that close to a hibernating bear.

Watch KTUU's report below:

Sources: The BlazeKTUU-TV / Photo Credit: Michael Glidden, Sheila Sund/Flickr Creative Commons

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