Woman Reviews Dashcam Footage, Is Shocked To See What Dealership Employee Did To Her Car (Video)


A Kia dealership employee was caught on dash-cam video footage abusing a customer’s car that had been taken in for repairs (video below).

Veronica Pief said she brought her car into Peak Kia North in Windsor, Colorado, to get her radio’s speed volume control repaired, and trusted that it would be cared for by the dealership’s employees, according to 9 News.

“I expected them to treat it better than anybody else in the world would treat my car,” she told the news station.

When she downloaded dash-cam footage after getting her car back, Pief discovered a completely different situation. The video shows an employee apparently driving her car throughout northern Colorado, running errands and driving for more than 17 hours total — an astonishing 200 miles over a four-day period.

“When I first saw this video, I can tell you, I was furious,” she said. “I was very angry to even think that my property was treated this way."

The employee, according to Pief, drove the car to Sam’s Club, McDonald’s and the bank, among other places. 

“To me, a test drive is going and driving a car, not going doing personal errands,” she said.

The employee even, at one point, drove through an intersection — as seen in the video — and nearly caused an accident. 

“It's solid red. He guns the car," Pief said. “You could hear my engine rev up and he drives straight through the red light."

She subsequently confronted Peak Kia North management about the incident, but said she was treated disrespectfully. 

“Afterwards, they just blew us off. They didn't care,” she said. “They didn't show any concern."

Chelsea Clarke, sales manager at the dealership, offered a different version of events — maintaining the company took the matter seriously.

“I don't want anybody to be upset with us,” Clarke told 9 News. “That employee has since been terminated. So, we have handled the employee on it and we're working on the customer to get everything else resolved.”

To make matters worse, Pief said her car radio still isn’t fixed.

“No, it's still not fixed and I don't want to take my car back to them,” she said.

Sources: 9 News, YouTube

Photo credit: Screenshot via 9 News

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