Passersby Find Out Why Pregnant Woman Is Smashing Up Vehicle, Let Her Keep Going (Video)

A woman was captured on video destroying her husband’s car after catching him having lunch with his alleged mistress.

The incident occurred on Dec. 5 and was captured on video by a passerby, according to the video’s YouTube description.

A visibly pregnant woman is seen jumping on the roof of her husband’s car. The front windshield appears cracked.

At one point, the woman grabs a rock and throws it through the back window of the vehicle. She then smashes the rest of the back window with her bare hands.

The woman reportedly lost it when she saw her husband eating with his mistress at a nearby restaurant. She then took her anger out on his car.

According to the Daily Mail, police were not called. There were no reports of any injuries and it is unknown at this time if the husband is pressing any charges.

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