Husband Decides To Cheat On His Wife, Gets The Biggest Shock Of His Life

A Chinese man was spotted running out of a hotel in nothing but blood-covered underwear after his penis was reportedly cut off by a lover.

The incident allegedly took place around 2 p.m. on Sept. 13 in Hangzhou, China, according to the Daily Mail. The 50-year-old man, known only as Liu, met a woman known as Zhang at a local hotel. The two had reportedly known each other for more than 10 years.

Liu admitted that the two had been having an affair despite the fact that Zhang is married and has a child. Liu reported that he had been tired that day, so Zhang offered him what he believed to be a sleeping pill.

“At the time I slept like I was dead,” Liu told People's Daily Online.

Liu then fell asleep and was woken up by intense pain. When he looked down, he realized his penis had been cut off. According to Liu, Zhang had become insecure about their relationship and had cut off his penis as a result.

Liu noted that he had met another woman, which might have triggered Zhang’s insecurities.

After leaving the hotel, Liu walked down an alleyway in an reported attempt to find the other part of his penis. He then hailed a taxi and went to a local hospital.

The hotel owner later reported that the hotel room was covered in blood. A pair of trousers and a sandal were also found on the floor.

The hotel’s CCTV footage showed a woman, believed to be Zhang, hurrying down the stairs. In the footage, the woman can be seen holding what appears to be a weapon.

Police are currently investigating the situation.

Sources: DailyMailFlorida News Time

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Benjamin Ellis/Flickr

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