Mom Fumes When High School Bans Photo Of Daughter With Hunting Bow

A Pennsylvania mother is angry after her daughter's high school refused to print a photo of the teenage girl aiming a hunting bow directly at a camera in the high school yearbook.

Lisa Bihon says her daughter Jordyn just wanted to be remembered by her classmates for her favorite thing: Hunting animals with a bow and arrow.

"She's been doing it since she could walk. Her and her dad hunt. She's an avid hunter. She hunts deer, and it's the only sport she does,” Bihon told WPXI.

But when Bihon submitted the photo to the Derry High School's “Ad for Grads” program, which allows students to pay to place their own photo in the yearbook, a teacher called and said they couldn't print Jordyn's photo because it featured the girl holding a weapon.

Bihon disagreed.

“It's not a weapon,” Bihon told WPXI. “She's not hurting anybody, and she should be allowed to have it in the yearbook.”

On Faceboook, Bihon fumed.

“RANT...I sent this picture in for Jordyn's yearbook ad because it's her favorite picture and it's something she LOVES to do!!” Bihon wrote. “SO DERRY School calls me this morning and tells me they cannot put is picture in the yearbook because she holding a weapon! REALLY? You got to be kidding me!”

The school claims it has a policy against students holding weapons in their photos, but Bihon did some sleuthing and found a photo of a girl holding a bow without an arrow pointed away from the camera in the school's 2011 yearbook.

The school's administration said they'd look into that situation.

As for Bihon, she just wishes her daughter could have her photo of choice in the yearbook.

"I think it's wrong, and I think that everybody's taking it too far,” she said.

Sources: WPXI, Facebook/ Photo Credit: Lisa Bihon

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