Here Are The Pictures That Landed This Couple In Hot Water (Photos)

An Australian fisherman was forced to defend himself after online commenters blasted him for posting pictures of a huge bull shark he caught on Facebook.

Joel Merchant, 33, was fishing with his girlfriend Danielle Simpson on Australia Day when they unexpectedly hauled in a bull shark measuring around nine feet long and weighing in at about 450 pounds.

“It was pretty easy to pull on that one, it just behaved itself,” Merchant said of his 10-minute-long fight with the shark. “I have no idea how many more I’ve caught but the biggest one a long time ago was around about four meters.”

Merchant, who is licensed to catch sharks, decided to post pictures of the creature on Facebook, and soon after, people started calling him a murderer for killing and selling the shark to a local fish shop.

“People are saying ‘You’re killing wonderful creatures,’ ‘The ocean’s not yours,’ ‘It’s one step away from clubbing puppies,'” Merchant said. “People are just misinformed and they don’t understand just what’s out there, they only say what’s said in the media by so-called experts.”

What do you think of Merchant’s controversial catch?

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