Pregnant Mom Makes Tough Decision After Getting Devastating News From Doctor

A U.K. mother recently celebrated the first birthday of her triplets -- something the doctors doubted would happen. 

Liz Brewer, 41, reportedly refused to abort two of her babies after the doctor recommended it to save the third baby's life.

Brewer became pregnant naturally with Oriana, Dallon and Deacon, Kent Online reports. They are now 1 year old.

Around 13 weeks into Brewer’s pregnancy, doctors offered to perform a selective reduction which would have aborted two of the triplets to give the third a better chance of survival.

But Liz and her husband Timo, 41, were resolved to go ahead with the pregnancy. Liz had previously carried a set of twins but lost one of them. That time, she gave birth at 25 weeks, but one of the boys died at 16 days old, reported Daily Mail.

Her son Drew, now 7 years old, was only 9 months old when his mother became pregnant with Devon and the other twin. Devon is now 5.

Before Liz had the triplets, she had two miscarriages and feared she would not be able to have any more kids.

“It has been an amazing ending to our pregnancies and has helped to heal us,” Liz said, according to the Daily Mail. “We will never forget our first born son but the triplets have enabled us to have a very different ending to our story and we know we would never have had them had we not lost our son.”

Liz had an early scan when she was five weeks pregnant because she was experiencng pain. The doctors suspected it was an ectopic pregnancy, but later said she was having twins.

“Two weeks later we went back for another scan and I said to the lady doing the scan that I always had a feeling I would have triplets, but I knew it was fine as it was twins again," Liz told Kent Online. "She turned around and said, ‘It's funny you should say that as I think there's a third one so I need to go and get someone to check.'"

Doctors then confirmed she would be having triplets -- two identical twins and a third from a separate embryo. Doctors at Kings College Hospital in London reportedly thought the single baby would have Down syndrome.

Liz had two large bleeds during her pregnancy, but the babies were all born perfectly healthy.

Sources: Daily MailKent Online

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube/TheAbbeTriplets

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