Girls Get Turned Away From Homecoming Over 'Immodest' Dresses (Photos)


A Utah high school refused to let a group of students in to their homecoming dance over the weekend because of the way they were dressed.

“They said I either have to go home and get something to go under, or I’m not allowed in,” Tayler Gillespie, who is a student at Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah, told “So I just decided to leave.”

Another student who was turned away on Saturday, Erika Shepherd, came to school in a floor-length dress.

“They pulled me to the side and asked me to twirl around to see if I was immodest, then made me sit against the wall,” she told Fox 13. “And while I was sitting against the wall there was about ten other girls that were sitting there being embarrassed.”

One of the teachers who was in charge of the dance eventually told Erika: “It’s too low in the back’ and I needed to get a jacket or go home and change clothes.”

Tayler’s father Chad Perhson told the television station: “I asked them why they turned her away and then showed them a picture of her on the phone I'd taken myself of her sitting down where the dress meets her knees.”

Assistant principal Janalee Taylor said the school’s dress code for dances was clearly stated on the website: “Dresses should cover chest and back at the top of the armpit and should be secure and stay in position.

“Hemlines should go no higher than the mid-thigh when seated.

“Boys should be in collared shirts and no jeans.

“Behavior/dancing should be safe and appropriate.

“Students who fail to follow these guidelines will be not admitted or removed from the dance.”

According to the Daily Mail, the incident comes two years after nearby Stansbury High barred dozens of girls from the homecoming dance for wearing dresses that were “too short.”

But the principal issued an apology days later.

Fox 13 reports that Bingham High School students who were turned away from the dance decided to wear their dresses to school on Monday as part of a protest.

Sources: via (2), Daily Mail

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