Woman Notices Something Strange About Hook In Her Room, Quickly Realizes What It Is (Photo)


A female engineer allegedly found a hidden camera inside of her room

The woman said she was working on a drilling vessel for an oil and gas company - BHP, Transocean, and Aramark - when a clothing hook mysteriously popped up in her room, CNN reports.

“There was a device similar to a hook and it was white that was on the back of my door in my room. The rooms are pretty bare and minimum when you notice something that’s different, it kind of sticks out to you,” the woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said.

Yet she soon realized that it not a hook at all, but in fact a secret recording device in her room.

What’s more, further probing into the device revealed it was one that - at only $15 for sale online - anybody can buy and sneak inside anybody’s room.

Moreover, she had no way of knowing if she had been recorded even before the day she discovered the device.

“Everyday, the anxiety and fear of waking up and thinking that this footage could be online is a haunting thing. It’s very hard to think about going back out there and to be honest, I honestly don’t think I can,” she said.

The woman soon filed a lawsuit. Yet while she was offered a settlement, the woman rejected it.

“I wanted it criminally reported, I wanted to be part of the investigation process,” she said. “I wanted to know what was going on, and honestly I felt like I, from the day that I left that rig, I had zero control.”

Her lawyer, Kurt Arnold, agrees and is determined to continuing pursuing the case.

“All we really wanted was some basic answers. We asked: who was it? Who did it? What have you done to capture the video?,” Arnold said.

Yet so far no answers have been given, outraging many.

“One million dollars is nothing to compare for the fact that her nude video can pop up online any time in the future. Shame on her employers. I mean this is an oil and gas company, sue them for $100 million dollars and they will pay for destroying you psychologically,” Facebook user Nwademos M Demos reports.

Sources: CNN and CNN/Facebook/Photo Credit: DH Gate

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