Officials Make Unexpected Discovery In 8-Year-Old Girl's Stomach (Photo)


Doctors removed a massive hairball from an 8-year-old girl's stomach after she developed severe health problems.

The young girl, from the province of Henan, began showing unusual symptoms of illness including vomiting after meals and losing an alarming amount of weight. Concerned for her health, the girl’s father brought her to the hospital for treatment.

Doctors examined the girl and discovered a large lump in her abdomen, though it wasn't clear what it was. She was referred to a pediatrician, who learned that the girl had a habit of chewing on her hair, nails and clothing.

Surgery revealed that the lump was a massive, 4.5-pound ball of hair, clothing materials and bits of food. The hairball was in the exact shape of her stomach, and became so large that it began to block food from being digested.

“This must be the result of the little girl consuming the objects over an extended period of time,” Dr. Zhang Shufeng said, adding that long-term consumption of foreign objects is often a result of “psychological issues.”

Warning: The image below is graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. 

Sources: Daily MailNew York Daily News / Photo Credit:

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