Can You Spot The Problem With This New House? (Photos)


A Reddit user shared a photo of a house with a building flaw that had many trying to figure out just what it was.

The photo, posted by Reddit user Liquidthc, showed a new house in South Carolina that had reportedly just been built, with the caption reading, "They had one job."

Alongside the house was a garage, though there was just one issue with getting anything into it.

The garage was built in an area of the home that faced the street, though the driveway was located on the side of the house — meaning that there was no way to drive a car inside.

Many Redditors reacted to the photo, with some saying it took a few moments to see just what the problem was.

"It took me an embarrassing amount of time to see the problem," one Redditor wrote.

Others said they thought the issue was with other parts of the house.

"I thought the problem was the house not sitting squarely in relation to the street/curb line," one viewer wrote.

"Oh, I was looking at the different sized windows and never even realized the garage…" another commented.

It was later theorized by one Redditor that the home might not belong to anyone at all.

"It’s not a problem, it’s almost assuredly a model home in a new neighborhood. The driveway as shown in this picture acts as parking lot for patrons and sales employees and the garage acts as the sales office. Once the neighborhood is sold out they will sell the model and reconfigure the house to the ‘correct’ way," the Redditor wrote.

"Home builders also like to ‘trap’ clients and will sometimes build doors into the garage where the sales office is as the only entrance accessible to clients and then building fences around the walkways to force people to go through the sales office before going through the front door to tour the home.”

A much more serious instance of building design flaw occurred in Loughborough, England, where a train passenger spotted a house that was built with doors leading out to a balcony — but no balcony attached.

The balcony was 15 to 20 feet above the ground, the Daily Mirror reported, which could prove fatal if someone wasn't aware of it and attempted to step outside.

Sources: RedditDaily Mirror / Photo credit: Liquidthc/RedditDaily Mirror

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