Walmart Employee Makes Unexpected Find While Cleaning Up Parking Lot (Photo)

Brian Cassidy, a Walmart employee in Bangor, Maine, returned $4,400 in cash that he found in the parking lot to police. The police then found the original owner, who was understandably relieved.

The Daily Mail reported that Cassidy found the soaked money under a piece of garbage while cleaning the parking lot on Thursday. He followed Walmart protocol and notified security of what he found. Security notified police after realizing how large the sum was.

Officer Dustin Dow filed the report at the Walmart. Later, officials learned that last winter a man reported losing over $4,000 cash in the parking lot.

Police Sergeant Tim Cotton said officials and Walmart worked together to identify the man as Ou Chen, who said that he lost the money after leaving work at his restaurant. The money was in an envelope and he intended to send it to his family.

However, Chen said that when he got home the money was gone. He dropped it in the parking lot while cleaning snow off of his car.

Chen immediately reported the lost money to the Walmart security office. Surveillance cameras failed to capture the location of the money and it was not reported found for months.

Police identified Chen and found him at the restaurant nearby.

Cotton praised Cassidy for his honesty in the matter. He was particularly impressed that Cassidy returned the money because he does not make much as a Walmart employee.

Cotton later wrote a Facebook post praising Cassidy’s honesty. He wrote, “Brian is not getting rich doing this and has dealt with other issues over the past year. Brian, like many people, has even had to sleep in his car for a time when things were rough.”

The Bangor Police Department reported that Cassidy was honored with a medal congratulating him, “for being honest and having great integrity in doing his job.”

Cotton’s post concluded, “Brian Cassidy personifies what we hope is in all of us. Thanks Brian, the men and women of the Bangor Police Department salute you.”

WFAA reported a similar story earlier this month when a Chick-fil-A worker in Georgia found $1,200 cash on the floor. He worked together with Chich-fil-A to find the rightful owner and the money was returned to a civil rights lawyer.

Sources: Daily MailWFAA / Photo Source: Inagist

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